The Best Gift of 2020

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If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that self-care matters. Kindness to others and yourself matters. Time matters.

And comfort really, really matters. Especially during all those Zoom calls and evenings staying safe at home.

So it’s no wonder that athleisure is a fashion trend that went from pretty popular to what we’re wearing all day, everyday.

Joggers … sweatshirts … and slippers.

I’m wearing (and loving) the Women’s Low-top Slippers in Leather black/white.

Yes, those are SLIPPERS.

TIME Slippers look like fabulous sneakers that you slip on (they also have slip-on hi-tops available — more on that in a bit), and feel insanely cozy, warm, and soft inside. You can wear them inside and outside. Basically, they are best slippers ever. Ever. EVER!

Think of the inside of Uggs, but softer and a better fit. Think a pair of slippers that you never want to take off. Think of soft yet sturdy high-quality materials on the outside in lots of styles that look fabulous whether you’re in leggings after a workout, rocking joggers, or threw on a pair of cropped jeans.

(Also, if you put on real pants today, go ahead and high-five yourself for being extra amazing.)

Just check out the hi-tops I got to try!

Also in total and complete love with the Women’s Hi-top Slippers in Suede Chestnut/brown.

And, let’s talk about the insoles. All of them are made from yoga mats. So, that wonderful feeling you get on your mat, you now get all the time on your feet. And it feels incredible. So cushy and yet supportive. It’s really what we all need. For our feet … for our relationships… for our souls!

Which is another thing I love about these slippers. They’re made by a company that puts positive intentions first.

TIME Slippers’ motto is “put your time where your heart is,” and it shows when you slip these on. You can FEEL it. They feel so good that everything just slows down a little. Everything feels a little more luxurious … a little lighter … a little more heart-centered. Like anything could happen in the best way possible.

Making time for what’s really important in the Women’s Low-top Slippers in Leather black/white.

We love our TIME Slippers so much that we can’t stop talking about them — and wearing them. Inside, outside … no matter where you are, they look and feel great on. Just slip them on and you are good to GO. Or not go. You know, you do you.

Shop the Women’s Low-top Slippers in Leather black/white here.

In a number of beautiful styles and colors, there are a ton of options to pick the TIME Slippers that are best for you — and you just might want to get a couple for yourself and all your friends and loved ones!

Comfort is something we all need right now more than ever. And TIME Slippers is bringing it … with lots of love and fashion.

Shop the Women’s Hi-top Slippers in Suede Chestnut/brown here.

So, watch out, 2021. We’ve got our TIME Slippers on and are ready for ya with lots of mindfulness and by focusing on what’s most important: love!

How are you focusing on what’s most important and taking time to slow down? Tell us about it, and get your own TIME Slippers here. —Jenn

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Written by Jennie Moress


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