Best Workout Songs of 2020

In what has become an annual tradition here at FBG, we give to you our favorite tracks from the past year: the best workout songs of 2020!

These are the 25 tracks that powered us through our workouts — no matter where they were and how socially distanced and/or masked up they were. You might recognize many of them from our previously published workout playlists, but along with a few new songs, we are declaring these the best of the best when it came to workout music in 2020.

So, let’s listen, get amped up, and get to sweating, shall we? Grab your earbuds and let’s go!

Listen below or get the best workout songs of 2020 here.


Now, who’s ready for 2021?! Gosh knows we are! –Jenn


More Workout Playlists on FBG Spotify:

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Written by Jennie Moress


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