2021 Workout Challenge – Fit Bottomed Girls

Y’all. We made it through 2020!

And we have a great way to celebrate: our 2021 Workout Challenge.

Like we’ve done in years past (see here and here), we’ve put together a 2021-themed workout using only bodyweight that you can do at home.

This year’s workout has a bit of a challenge aspect to it as well: Set a timer for 21 minutes (because, 2021, of course) and see how many rounds you can get through!

As always, modify as needed (wall push-ups or push-ups on knees or toes, marching in place or side-stepping for high-impact moves, etc.) and listen to your body (and your doctor). For the curtsy lunges, because each lunge counts as one rep, be sure to switch what leg you start on each time you go through the circuit (otherwise, you won’t work them evenly).

This 2021 Workout Challenge is a fun one, so let’s get to it!

2021 Workout Challenge

Feel free to share this graphic and tag @FitBottomedGirl so that we can give you a virtual high-five for completing it! Remember: Fit bottoms come in ALL shapes and sizes! –Jenn


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Written by Jennie Moress


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